Channel 5

September 1999 to September 2000


In March 1999, Channel 5 launched it's first new look. The mainly white idents, still used the colour bar and had the channels "celebrities", "taking the mickey" out of the channel.

Jim Hytner, Marketing Director of Channel 5 said "The launch itself was successful in establishing it as a big brand or a big channel but I'm not sure that we the channel had a good enough feeling about what our programming was going to be and therefore it was quite hard to express that to viewers.

"Our new idents involve our channel personalities/celebrities who actually take the mickey out of the channel or take the mickey out of themselves which tries to express a confidence to the viewer that we have about ourselves."

Ident - Kate McIntyre


"To The Core." Kate from the Children's/Teenage strand "the Core" eats and apple.

Ident - Lucy Alexander


"Looking After Kids." Or are the kids looking after her?

Ident - RAD


"That's totally Rad." RAD presenter watches on while there's some accidents on skateboards.

Ident - Urban Gothic


A special ident to promote horror programme "Urban Gothic".

Ident - Naked Season


"Cheggers Pops Out" for a special ident for Channel 5's "Naked Season".

Ident - Sunset Beach


A special ident marking the end of American soap "Sunset Beach".

Ident - Easter


"The Easter Rush". A special ident for Easter.

Ident - Elvis


A special ident featuring Elvis Presley, well okay it's not *the* Elvis.

Ident - Andrea Catherwood


A special ident after the arrival of Andrea Catherwood as the new main presenter of 5 news.

All images donated by Asa Hicks.